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Victory steam academy

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Children in C.A.S.A. got great exposure to these topics through field trips, experiments, lessons, and small-group instruction. 

Science- Mystery Science is a  fun interactive curriculum  that is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core.


It presents engaging science material through online video lessons,  animations, and worksheets for grades K-5. 

Technology- Students of C.A.S.A. were exposed to technology through computer lab activities. Entrepreneur Paul Francis instructed the kids in how to make a website, create graphics, and display animations. 

Art- During C.A.S.A.  students participated in art activities such as canvas painting,  geometric art, and a tree branch project.  Art was a terrific way for them to express themselves creatively.


Mathematics-  C.A.S.A. students were regularly drilled with math problems according to their grade level. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and word problems were given to all students with accuracy improvements across the board. They used to play math games and battle each other in math competitions.


VCF Collaborative Academic and Scholarship Academy

Summary of c.a.s.a.


The 2019 Summer Collaborative Achievement and Scholastic Academy (C.A.S.A.) was a five week program running Monday through Friday from June 17th to July 19th 2019.


It was located at Victory Baptist Church where Rev. W. Edward Jenkins is the Pastor.  The program’s day-to-day operations were run through the Program Coordinator, Mrs. Angela Jones.


Everyday, C.A.S.A. tutors worked with kids to improve their reading and writing skills. Special emphasis was placed on STEAM topics which are Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Math.  Food was served daily by J-Tech Kooking4Kids.


Every Wednesday, C.A.S.A kids received Karate instruction from 7th degree black belt and International Judge Vern Vaden.  Field trips were taken to the local Los Angeles farmer’s market, the La Habra Children’s Museum, and the Fullerton Arboretum. 


Field Trips

La Habra's Children Museum

Features a hands-on educational experience for children 2-10. The musuem has an interactive STEAM lab where they can explore basic scientific and engineering concepts in an exciting way, a Nature room containing various animal replicas, an historic 1942 caboose train, and more

Fullerton Arboretum

This 26-acre botanical garden is administered through Cal State Fullerton. It features a variety of different ecosystems such as woodlands, Mediterranean and desert.  There is also a Heritage House, community garden, museum, lakes, a playground, and more.


IMG_0116 (1).JPG

Central Avenue Farmer's Market

The farmer's market is open every Thursday in front of the Los Angeles District 9 office. Each child was given an allotment of money and was able to spend their money on fruits, vegetables, and local products. 

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